LG Security, with clear video and reliable system, will become

your trustworthy and successful partner.

Network Products

LG IP cameras and Network Video recorders make the enhanced surveillance system with high quality video and exceptional performance. The products are able to be integrated in various systems to complete the perfect security system on the network.

Analog Products

Traditional Analog security system has been improved for better video quality and performance. With LG Analog HD system, analog surveillance system can be equipped high performance monitoring system easy to use.


Based on the security products, LG security software – VMS and Ipsolute mobile app achieve the complete network security system implementing remote access, monitoring, management the devices. Intuitive and user friendly UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) improve the system operation and control.


As a part of the complete security system, LG security accessory makes the devices be installed in right place and right position.

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